Musgrove Family History


Dr. Gary Musgrove, the current President of Crusade For Calvary, has served as an evangelist, pastor and educator in more than 50 countries, including serving as Pastor of one of the greatest congregations in the world, Angelus Temple in Los Angeles was the first true one location mega-church. Along with mentoring and overseeing Crusade For Calvary College development and ministries in over 50 countries. 

Gary Musgrove's family has an amazing lineage, originating in Scotland then coming to the Continent of North America and Canada long before the United States of America was formed.  As settlers in this new land, they played a large part in spreading the Gospel. For example at the beginning of our nation, the great evangelists Whitefield and Wesley were brought here directly through the efforts of Mary Musgrove, the Queen of the Creek/Cherokee Nation and her efforts uniting multi-cultures with the gospel in America.

For over three centuries the Musgrove family has drawn on a variety of spiritual influences such as Scottish Presbyterian, Methodists, Quaker, Pentecostal,  Independent and Baptist. This rich family history has made it possible for them to minister to people throughout the world with compassion and conviction.

The Musgrove family heritage includes J. Caldwell Smith, Ada Teeple, Norma Lamont Teeple (Musgrove),  Chaplain Clifford Musgrove (1934-2004 ministry) Dr. Gary Brent Musgrove; author, educator and renowned speaker. Gary has helped to birth more than 1540 churches and Christian Schools and building more than 160 churches, building schools/colleges and mission stations around the world!

Enjoy a few pictures from the Musgrove Family History....working for the Lord along side Percy Brewster, Howard P. Courtney, Rolf McPherson, Aimee Semple McPherson, Al Garr, Oral Roberts, John Holland, Jack Hayford, Chuck Smith, Raymond T. Ritchey, Joseph Bailey, Warren Walker, Steuart McBirnie, Larnelle Harris, Alton Gansky, President Reagan and so many more.