Sources of conflict, the pattern of offenses and practical steps to resolve


Five easy-to-understand sources of conflict

      Incomplete Obedience (Cain and Abel)

      Conflicting Promises (Isaac and Ishmael)

      Competing Personalities (Paul and Barnabus... relative to John-Mark)

      Colliding Visions (Joseph and his brothers... Peter and Jesus)

      Compelling Loyalties (Corinthian Church)


Stage One

What are the predictable human reactions to pain and disappointment.

      The spirit of forgiveness will break this cycle.


Stage Two

Sinful acts are the result of deliberate, willful choices.

      This cycle breaks only with individual repentance and humble confession.


Most conflicts/challenges emerge as a result of one of these six things:

      Behavior, which challenges my values and preferences

      Teaching that contradicts my experiences or culture

      Correction or rebuke that I did not feel I deserved

      God's blessing on another person's life when I was struggling

      Attitudes I imagine another having about me

      Accidental unkindness