Dear Partners,

This summer the onslaught of the evil one (Satan) is so apparent and calls all of us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that those who are motivated by fear, doubt, anger and oppression will come to find the Prince of Peace.

We must stand strong in our faith and the doctrine that has been given to us clearly in the Word of God. In the area of your service, I pray for you and that you be strengthened for the work of our Lord Jesus Christ and not be apathetic.

As the summer ends and we begin to enter into the fall and winter, please be reminded that I am spending time in intercessory prayer for each of you. It is important that you let me know if your area of service or assignments are in need and what the Holy Spirit is speaking to you so that we can be in agreement.

Soon you will be sent your new credentials (if you are a credentialed minister with CFC) along with a request of a simple report of your ongoing ministry. Also, we want to add your photo to your credentials to help with effective id for those whose service requires that and for those who travel.

Please tell others about our websites ( and or have them to to

There is a new Southwest Region School and ministry starting up in the Texas area and we are thrilled about that.

Please encourage people that need material for teaching in other languages such as French, Russian, Spanish and several others, to contact us so that we can supply to those whose mission is to reach those outside the English speaking culture. We need to showcase, and have blogs and posts that are from you, featured on the expanding website and materials.

We do have financial needs and ask that you pray about giving to Crusade For Calvary. It's very easy to make an online donation, just go to either of our websites and click on the donate box. Everyone who does so this summer will receive a special gift for your generosity and faithfulness. 

A heartfelt thanks to you all!

Dr. Gary Musgrove