We who love God must not be impatient. I know we can see around us and on every side the apparent need for God to show His power and the outpouring of authority. It is however, useless to move unless we move in His will. Moving in our own enthusiasm and not in the center of His divine purpose can leave us impotent if we go out, unless we are sent. Let's not become helpless by finding ourselves using weapons of our own making and forging of our own manufacture when the battle between good and evil is spiritual not carnal. That brings me to the thought I share with you "The Word of My(God's) Patience", Revelation 3:10 which says " Because you have kept the word of my patience, I also will keep you from the hour of temptation, which will come on all the world to try those that dwell not the earth". There's no doom and gloom in that thought. It is hopeful, clear, full of a calling for us to be in the Word of God, directed by Him and walking humbly, loving mercy and showing kindness. Did you know that the weapons of our warfare are clearly shown to us by Christ in His life here on earth. By His death he overcame death and sin and provided a way of entry to God and grace, but it was His life on earth that exemplified what weapons are to be used against evil and darkness and it was that He did the opposite of what would be the natural reflex of mankind and the result of those actions of Jesus put to death the works of the adversary, and still do. Nothing will prevent the will of God being accomplished. Patience in this framework is not just being calm and inactive and passive....it is trusting, being faithful and ready to respond moment by moment for the direction of God. How is it that God in His Word declared that we would possess our souls? You got it "Patience". Think about it, it's a verb with action of hope and faith and endurance not a hopeful guesswork and passive indecision". (from The book by Gary Musgrove entitled Finding Mercy in the Shadows. Just some thoughts from my heart to you today. This is a period of preparation! It is the "hour in the desert" before we are commanded to go on to "Horeb" - the mount of God.
Oh, and remember God has not only power but a great sense of humor and His mercies are fresh and new and available everyday. Even you critics of God or unbelievers have been given a measure of faith.....take a leap and trust Him. Especially in this heat, it's like of river of life....cool refreshing and will definitely change your perspective. Hebrews 10:35,36.