Before I list these books....which I will add to every week let me explain that I have not included some books that are very well known or that you already may have. These are only meant to bring balance and add what I refer to as strength to the truth that is often in tension and therefore keeps up strong and well-footed.


Balm of Gilead                                      Lilian B. Yeomans

Blessing or Curse                                 Derek Prince

Pentecostal Doctrine                            Percy Brewster

The End of the World and You             Charles Price

Inheritance of the Saints                       Brian Baily

Yielded Bodies                                      Robert G Lee

Give Me My Own God                          Aimee Semple McPherson

Days of Heaven on Earth                     A.B. Simpson

The Lord of the Body                            A.B. Simpson

Understanding God                              Patricia Beall Gruits

Understanding the Masters Voice        Patricia Beall Gruits

Transformed for Life                             Derek Prince

Let Us Enjoy Forgiveness                    Judson Cornwall

Let Us Be Holy                                     Judson Cornwall

Let Us Worship                                    Judson Cornwall

The Two Fires Within                           Gary Musgrove

Finding Mercy in the Shadows             Gary Musgrove

Resurrection                                         Gary Musgrove

Walking with God                                 Gary Musgrove

Break Forth Into Joy                             Myrna Etheridge

Enjoying Your Journey w/God              Daniel A. Brown

What God Whispers in the Night          Ron Mehl

Surprise Endings                                  Ron Mehl

The Tender Commandments                Ron Mehl

The Feasts of Israel                              Kevin Conner

You Are Loved and Forgiven                Lloyd J. Ogilvie

Let God Love You                                 Lloyd J. Ogilvie

Making Stress Work For You                Lloyd J. Ogilvie

Back in Control                                     Gregory Bodenhamer

How to Start a Church                          Ralph Moore

Divine Healing                                      John J. Scruby

The True Vine                                       Andrew Murray

Scripture Keys **                                  June Newman Davis

The Great Divorce                                C.S. Lewis

Living on the Ragged Edge                  Charles R. Swindoll

Cry the Beloved Country                      Alan Paton

With Christ in the School of Prayer      Andrew Murray

NOTE: Read many different things, just remember that one of the big errors of the day is not a new one....and that is, there will be a select gifted few who are called of God to lead into and prepare the way for Christ to Return, and that somehow they will have special insight and revelation......I have much more on this in developed thought to come this next week. Much more to say.....send in your thoughts.

One wonderful thing that God is doing today in His People is a caring for and ministering to people that are lost, in bondage or estranged from a way the provides for bridges over the chasm of lives hurt, falling and in's a good day, with new young people that have a pure heart for God.

Just remember, as I know personally that nothing can replace a Godly walk and humility and walking in the Word....those of us who have failed in any way know that the price is far too high. But the error that is in the Church is cause for alarm. Share your thoughts on my blog, in return.