Dear anointed, sweet Norma Musgrove would share hymns with stories of their origins, in tent meetings and church services as she played the organ and helped lead those attending into the presence of the Lord.

Holding tent meetings alongside her husband & children throughout the United States was not a life of ease by any means. Norma graciously saw to the moving and guiding of a large crew of people along with huge tents, tent poles, musical instruments, and provisions... while also attending to her family as wife and mother. She preached, played the organ, sang, prayed and ministered to literally thousands. There is so much more that can be said about the hardships endured for her precious Lord and His work.

The beautiful hymn "After" portrays the life experiences of Norma and many others who have selflessly served our Lord. The author of this hymn is N.B. Vandall. His mother died when he was a young boy. He was a Marine during WWI, worked in cabarets and theaters and was in business in Akron, Ohio. He accepted the Lord as his Savior during a Methodist camp meeting in the 1920’s.

One fateful day Vandall's small son was struck by an automobile and was severely injured. Upon returning from the hospital Vandall fell on his knees sobbing. He received words of comfort from the Lord, arose, went to the piano and wrote “After.”



Words & Music by N.B.Vandall (20th Century)
C. 1932 by Harry D. Clarke

Verse 1:
After the toil and the heat of the day,
After my troubles are past,
After the sorrows are taken away, I shall see Jesus at last.

He will be waiting for me, Jesus, so kind and true.
On His beautiful throne He will welcome me home
After the Day is through.

Verse 2:
After the heartaches and sighing shall cease,
After the cold winter's blast,
After the conflict comes glorious peace: I shall see Jesus at last.

Verse 3:
After the shadows of evening shall fall,
After my anchor is cast.
After I list to my glorious peace, I shall see Jesus at last.