Anne's Heart to Yours......

"Quickly, name one of your favorite verses in the Bible.
The one that comes to my mind immediately is “Cast all your cares on the Lord, knowing He cares for you”. I Peter 5:7b.
How conveniently I Peter 5:7a is not in my memory bank! As always, the wonderful promises of God come with a condition on our part – even though we don’t like to talk about the “My Part/His Part” of God’s promises! The condition to the above verse is: “Therefore humble yourself under the might hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time” I Peter 5:7a.
To be humble is not an easy task as our natural inclination is to think we can be independent, self sufficient, proud, and that we know better than others and even God. Of course, God sees things differently and His expectation of mankind is the opposite of our inclination. Pastors are to lead and oversee as servants. We are to be submissive one to another in the church body, to our husbands; to God. We are not to think of ourselves more highly than we should. Let’s face it, in the spectrum of history, we are less than a dot. The magnificent creator of the universe, who knows & took pity on mankind, sent Jesus, His Son, to show us what it means to be humble and to serve. He was God in the flesh, He was obedient, He was humble, He was crucified, He was resurrected- He was exalted!
Now for part 2, the favorite part of the verse: Casting all your cares- what does that mean? It is still connected with humility. Camels carry heavy loads and when they unload them, they kneel down, lean to the side so the burdens can be rolled off of them. How beautiful an analogy this is. We are to kneel, to roll our cares and burdens from our hearts and lips onto the Lord. It is the humble act of acknowledging our needs and anxieties and His care and provision".