Associates of Theology


30 units undergraduate in Theology, Bible, Ministry or combination thereof or equivalent. 30 units required (total of 60). No less than 4 courses of level 200 or above for completion.

Core Classes - select 6 listed below or other approved courses

TH 100 Doctrine of the Bible
TH 101 Doctrine of Salvation
TH 200 Doctrine of the Bible/Hermeneutics
TH 201 Doctrine of Church
TH 203 Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
TH 210 Doctrine of Creation
TH 212 Apologetics

Electives - Select 4 listed below

MI 200 Evangelism
MI 302 Missionology
MI 303 Art & Science of Worship
MI 304 Teaching Methods
MI 305 Preaching

PM 234 Anointing
PM 235 The Will of God
PM 236 Principles of Faith
PM 237 Prayer
PM 238 Praise and Worship
PM 239 Gifts and Operations of the Holy Spirit
PM 240 Healing