The Doctoral dissertation requires 150-300 pages and must adhere to the following guidelines.

1. Approval of the dissertation topic and the proposed plan of research must be obtained from the Dean before the Doctoral candidate undertakes the study.

2. The subject chosen should not duplicate any previous work by former students or known authors. Previously written manuscripts or books will not be accepted.

3. The graduate schedule for writing the dissertation will be given to all Doctoral candidates. The systematic approval program must be followed to ensure graduation.

4. Graduate students who fail to maintain a grade point average of 3.0 after the completion of 45 units of work will not be permitted to continue the Doctoral dissertation until the approved average is achieved.

5. A time limit not to exceed 2 years will be allowed for the completion of the dissertation following the regular course work outlined in the catalog for each degree program. Extension of this time limit must be made by petition to the Dean of the Graduate School.

6. There will be a reduction of one-half letter grade for lateness in and dissertation deadline.

7. A letter grade of "B" or above must be achieved on the Master's Thesis in order to be admitted to doctoral work.