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Crusade for Calvary Ministries

Your tax deductible donations help to propagate the gospel throughout the world. General Fund donations here will be used to strengthen the entire ministry and be used where most needed. 
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Crusade For Calvary

Our world missions and childrens orphanages ministries, are helping to change lives in over thirty one countries around the globe. This ministry touches a wide range of needs, from Leper colony help to orphanages in Uganda and ministry to nationals and their leaders.

We also have a great opportunity to send training materials to key leaders in 15 countries that can transmit the Gospel through Satellite (Radio and TV).

Please prayerfully consider your support. For photos and a detailed list of ministries that need your help, send an email to  We will send them out to you right away.

Thank you and God Bless You! 
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Global Relief Fund

With your generous gift, the necessities of life can be provided for families in need around the world. You can help to provide shelters. . . food, clothing, clean water, and the opportunity to build new water wells and schools.

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